Why You Need a Forest Therapy Coach?

To be honest, I am on a mission! I want to share my knowledge, passion and vision of forest therapy as a necessary tool to boost human health and to prevent diseases. Now it’s your chance to jump on board and discover nature’s role in optimizing your true potential. As a forest therapy coach, I strongly encourage you to visit nature places few times a week. You can benefit as little as 20 minutes’ daily dose three times per week. Or, if you have a chance, you can enjoy one longer visit during weekend.

You might wonder, why do you need a forest therapy coach to interact with nature, when you are already running, climbing and fishing in park or forest. You might also take care of your garden or have fun with your dog. Isn’t that enough? Well, for some of us it is!

Nature with two cubes of ice

When we inhale forest vitamins, phytoncides, they boost our immune system. Our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of natural killer cells. Those NK-cells fight against viruses and diseases. There has been attempts to bottle nature, but it has worked only partly. It is impossible to replicate something so unique as nature.

The healing benefits of nature cannot be fully explained with only phytoncides. Also, the green scenery, soothing sounds of streams and birds, sunlight, negative ions, and natural aromas of wood, plants and flowers influence our health.

Nature with fruit slices, glitter picks, umbrellas and twist of mint

We all have this huge and enjoyable birthright to connect with nature and to read its messages and signs. If you wish to experience outdoors more inspiring and fascinating way, forest therapy coaching is for you. Nature is speaking to us in so many ways, if we only listen. Learning to hear, see and sense these, sometimes subtle, hints and guidings, opens you a new door to self-knowledge and feeling of worthiness.

Forest therapy coach creates unique and empowering experience by guiding you into a deep, respectful and loving connection with nature. This kind of alliance is essential for the well-being of human along with the well-being of nature. Richard Louv, author of the books The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, has said that, we cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. Or hear. Or sense.

Forest Therapy Coach Highlights the Connection Between Body, Mind and Nature

Our relationship with earth is often overlooked, when considering health issues. That is a shame, because we are born in nature and all our lives we are totally dependent on it. It gives us food, shelter and all sorts of nature resources. We are part of nature. There’s no doubt about that. It all starts with the idea, that there are no real boundaries between human and nature. This is important, because as soon as we realize, that our body, mind and nature are one, the healing can begin. Another thing to consider is, that we must respect both the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of our bodies.

Evolving concept of forest therapy

Getting deeper into forest therapy practices and different people in that field, made me realize, that there are some myths regarding forest therapy. To start with, some people might see forest therapy somehow religious or mystical. But that’s not the case. Of course, everybody goes as deep with nature connection as they feel convenient. However, my coaching starts from scientifically proven health benefits and is based on evolution theory. For some of you forest therapy could be a huge spiritual experience, but you can gain all the benefits also by sticking with the so called hard cold facts.

Which brings us to the second point. I have noticed, that there is contradiction between – how do you put it – between a realist and serious person and a hippie style flower child person. In my opinion, there is no need to hug trees in the middle of the city street or do a rain dance at local park to profit from forest therapy.

I can relate to this, because I am sometimes a bit serious gal and can you guess, what was the first thing we did when I started my coaching studies? Yes, we performed a rain dance in the biggest and busiest park in our capital Helsinki. It was fun though, but it’s not necessary for you to do.

This brings us to the fact, that there are many nuances in this industry. The concept of forest therapy is so new, that it is still finding its boundaries. It is quite awful, that we have come to this point where we need to create a concept with specific practices to do what we have always done – to connect with our nature.

How does a forest therapy coach serve you?

Firstly, coach will help you to slow down. Usually people have too fast pace in their nature walks, which is due to busy day at work or the hustle and bustle with kids and household chores.

Secondly, coach can offer you different healing ways to interact with nature. She will make suggestions or lead your attention into the right direction. Maybe not the one, that you would have chosen. Coach ensures you get the most out of the practice; health related and therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, coach offers you a reliable, devoted and non-judgmental support in your personal journey. Afterwards, sharing experiences with coach may benefit some people. It may arouse new insights and allow person to feel through someone else senses.

Finally, coach supports you to be more accountable and committed to your healing forest therapy journey. Something like personal trainer for nature connection. In conclusion, I have to mention, that kids are the best forest therapy coaches on earth! They have endless imagination and creativity. My daughters teach me everyday something about life, myself and nature connection.

Warm and loving thoughts and see you soon,


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