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Finally I get to tell you about our trip to Singapore! There was some difficulties on the way in form of broken cellphone and lost camera cord. But now everything is working again perfectly. I have to emphasize, that when I first stepped my foot on Singapore to cover this blog post, I somehow sensed that a once in a lifetime nature connection experience was at hand. I was certain, that I would fall in love with Singapore’s wild inhabitants of forests and beautiful gardens.

Singapore is a country that remains juxtaposed with the new and the old. Endowed with a full range of spectacular attractions to boost your nature experience, holidaying in Singapore is a promise of extraordinary experience. We saw really clearly, that we were in extremely clean city. There was no carbage anywhere and a 500 dollar fine was set for drinking or eating in public places.

As a nature connection coach, I am always inspired by ways to connect to nature. This was easy in Singapore through some forest therapy exercises and just by taking in the garden atmosphere. It’s surprising how one can get awed by the healing power of nature in this metropolis. There is so much nature in this city!

While in Singapore, I visited two of Singapore’s best nature attractions namely, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. But I must mention, that the whole Singapore is really a City in the Garden.

Gardens by the Bay

Located on the edge of Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park that offers a spectacular view of the cutting-edge garden and abundant green vegetation. I was particularly wowed by the Avatar-esque “super-tree” structure, that stands at 165 ft. The impressive vertical gardens cloaked with bromeliads, fern, and tropical climbing plants. They provided a picturesque view to spice up my nature experience. These super-trees are especially beautiful in the evening. When the darkness falls there is a spectacular light show.

Flower Dome

There is more to nature attractions that meets the eye. We began by exploring the Gardens by the Bay starting with the iconic temperature-controlled Flower Dome conservatory. Flower Dome is the largest column-free greenhouse in the world. There is a whole range of beautiful vegetation from semi-tropical and Mediterranean regions. It features thousand-year-old olive trees and unusual Baobabs. This makes it an ideal place to experience a thrilling connection with ancient trees. Too bad, that it was not allowed to touch those impressive entities.

While exploring Flower Dome, I began with Succulent garden, that displays water-storing desert plant such as Aloes, Cactus, and Crassulae. The Bottle Trees, the African Baobabs, and the crystal palace dessert integrated with stunning installations provide a breath-taking nature view.

Cloud Forest

The exit of Flower Dome leads directly to the beautiful Cloud Forest. It boasts a man-made cloud mountain that is 115 ft tall and equipped with an indoor waterfall clad in lush foliage. You can take an elevator up to the Lost World at the summit for a better view. This wasn’t such a funny part for my kind person who is afraid of heights.

Inside the Lost World, you get engulfed in a spectacular view of unique vegetation. You’ll meet for instance the dangerous pitcher plants, elevated 2000 meters above sea level.

Going down through the Cloud Walk, I couldn’t help but appreciate the wild orchids, anthurium, and ferns that planted beautifully around the walls of the mountain. As an ardent lover of animals, I walked past the Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes. It was amazing to discover the numerous birds and insects that hail in this place.

My exploration of the Gardens by the Bay was really enchanting. The beautiful green landscape just takes your breath away. Although my experience was great, I lacked the deep connection with nature due to hustle and bustle with my kids and other tourists. But I must admit, that the famous super-tree structures offer an impressive view like no other place in the world.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is another heart-stopping and thrilling Singapore attraction that I couldn’t leave Singapore without visiting. Especially the kids were waiting to see some wildlife. This unique attraction is claimed to be the world’s best rainforest zoo and boasts of 2800 animals over 300 species. It offers an exciting experience of exploring a vast collection of animals roaming freely in their habitat.

Endowed with abundant wildlife, this magnificent attraction features 11 sections each taking you some of the world’s distinct global wildlife habitats. From Inuka polar bear to gray kangaroos and agile wallabies, the Singapore zoo is surely an ideal place to experience wildlife with kids.

You get an immersive experience and up-close views of the tigers, the sea lion, and more. Other highlights include the Primate Kingdom, the Reptile Garden, the Australasia exhibit, and the Tortoise Shell-ter for viewing endangered animals.

A fantastic destination for family outings, Singapore Zoo offer young ones a wide range of exciting activities. These activities help them appreciate and connect deeply with nature and its creatures.

We were fortunate to visit Singapore Zoo during the Zoo-rassic Park exhibit – an iconic exhibition that teaches about the fifth mass extinction through life – like displays of prehistoric creatures. Kids’ favorite exhibition was the misty stroll through Dinosaur Valley coming up-close with more than 20 dinosaurs especially the majestic T-Rex. And I loved those too!

Singapore Zoo is wonderful place to connect with nature through nature sounds and nature’s colors as well as coming closer to world’s most incredible animals.

City in the Garden

In the efforts to conserve Singapore’s diversity and green the landscape, the country embarked on ambitious plans to develop a garden city. From Garden in a City to a City in the Garden. Singapore’s efforts of greening the city has made a remarkable progress. The streets have been made more vibrant with blooming flowering species of plants. Also the roads are lined with big rain trees and nature parks are greened with many natural plants.

Singapore has it all, from living walls, to lush roof gardens and huge rain trees. The plan to transform Singapore into a City in a garden has seen the city establish world-class gardens. Those are used for botanical research as well as breath-taking world-class attraction showcasing Singapore’s rich heritage. One of these is the Singapore Botanic Garden.

Singapore Botanic Garden

Like a local, I set out to explore Singapore Botanic Garden by going for a jog. I run through the meandering pathways beautified by lush greenery. The Botanic Gardens features a full range of horticultural and botanical attractions of wonderful plant collections. It offers a pretty neat nature connection experience as you appreciate the Singapore’s efforts to conserve natural heritage.

After indulging in hours of forest bathing, I was feeling great. Strolling around the Gardens of Singapore provides a joyful experience of enjoying the wonderful sights, the sounds and wonders the lush greenery presents. As a nature connection coach, I couldn’t be more pleased about the efforts that Singapore has done to make this beautiful city greener.

Time to move on to Bali

After four days, my holiday in Singapore was over and it was time to head to Bali. I was so happy for this opportunity to spend time in some of the most spectacular horticultural and architectural attractions in the world. I had taken in the green atmosphere of Singapore and witnessed wonderful sights of nature. This trip will always remain unforgettable in our lives. Who would’ve imagined, that you can experience nature such a deep way in this kind of metropolis. I hope to see you soon again!

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