“When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come” – Leonardo da Vinci. Water is a cleansing, healing and loving element. We can sense the energy of water by tasting pure spring water, moving our hands through a stream or bowl of water, smelling some salty ocean air, listening and watching the stream hurrying its way. Healing water is everywhere, in our bodies, as a moisture in the air, rivers, oceans, creeks and in all living things. Next wonderful water video is from Conservation International.

The molecules that make up water are constantly changing and moving from one form of water to another. All the time the water evaporates out of the ocean into the air. Later on it again falls as rain and flows from one place to another. Every day, we take some of this water into our bodies. That way the energy of water is also contained within ourselves, our bodies being mostly composed of water (70%). We can only imagine where the water in our bodies has started its journey and where will it travel next?

Water can carry information

There has been numerous studies about water. Masaru Emoto, maybe the most famous of these researchers, has said that water has memory. It has these features, that have to do with transferring and storing information. Emoto claimed, that when you froze a water from pure mountain stream it will form a beautiful crystal pattern, but if water is polluted, the frozen crystal structure will be distorted. Which water would you like to drink?

Water has been used for ages to treat our health. Hot and cold baths, water vapors, warm and cold wraps, showers, different kind of spa treatments, water birthing, floating therapy and many more. The act of floating in warm water reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, muscular tension and heart rate and improves our mood. Floating can also be strong symbolic act of acceptance, trusting the process of life and letting go of all the heavy load weighting us down.

healing water

Healing water – Sounds

Can you hear the rushing creek water splashing on rocks, ocean waves breaking to shore line, the natural sound of flowing water, rain drops hitting to the ground, waterfall’s continuous vertical journey and the energetic movement of all the waters? When ocean waves splash on the shore or over rocks, they produce sound vibrations that aid meditation. We are lulled by the gentle white noise shushing of waves.

Sounds of water flowing enhance the positive mental outlook. We can sit for hours before the rushing waters of a torrent. All conscious thoughts are then lost in this relaxed state of mind. In these moments of idleness, we rearrange our mind.

can you feel the rain

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet – Touch

Purposeful contact with water – dipping ourselves in it, wild swimming, breathing ocean air, letting water touch our skin —provides us with beneficial substances met in natural surroundings. Taking baths in spas in waters of various temperatures with sea salts, mud and minerals has been a treatment for multiple conditions for very long time.

A salt bath provides a medium for deep relaxation and feeds our skin with minerals. Our skin is not only an organ of elimination, like we are familiar with sweating. But skin is also an organ of absorption, and that’s why sea salt baths have great healing potentials. Sea salt contains wide variety of minerals of the ocean and soaking in a bath with it is a powerful remedy. Soaking in the ocean or homemade sea salt bath aids the minerals to be absorbed through the skin.

Sensing living and flowing water on our skin can also be highly spiritual experience. We can kneel by the streamside or seashore. Place our hands above the water and hold them there, just above the water’s surface. We can close our eyes and feel the energy of the water with the palms of our hands. Very slowly we can lower our hands towards the water and finally, touch the body of water. Can you feel how powerful it is? It can put away fire and destroy iron. Water always finds a way. It is persistent and carves new paths even through stone.

Healing water

Healing water – Smell the fresh air

The healing powers of sea air were appreciated already in the Victorian era. One component of its healing equation is negative ions. Negative ions are charged molecules that we cannot feel, see, smell, or taste. The number of negative ions that we inhale, is dependent on the environment around us. Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around oceans, lakes, waterfalls, at the beach, after a stormy weather and especially near bodies of moving water. They are also very common in mountains and forests. The fresh forest air after rain is pure medicine.

Researchers recently linked the abundance of negative air ions to improved human health and longevity. Negative ions clear the air of many allergens, such as pollen, viruses and molds. They are also effective with home dust and cigarette smoke. There was a study in 2005 in which researchers managed to provoke anxiety, suspicion and mania with the absence of negative ions. On the other hand, polluted cities and crowded areas are the playgrounds for the unhealthy positive ions.

Negative ions tend to peak in the morning and again in the late evening. So, walking along the waterside during these times and doing some deep breathing could be very beneficial for our health.

forest bathing water

Healing water – Taste

When you are extremely thirsty, there is nothing better that a big glass of water. We are lucky in Finland because we have a lot of clean water to drink up straight from the tap. But you can take this still a bit further. Have you ever tasted the spring water straight from the creek? It’s living, free and fresh water.

Here you can find more about living and dead water HERE Easiest way to make your water better and more healing is to show gratitude and love towards it. Simple thank you, thank you, thank you and you will be drinking pure gratitude to nourish your body. The power of healing water is enormous.

Healthy ocean air

Mesmerizing healing water – See

When did you last watch the play of rain drops on the surface of lake or river? Or throw a stone in to the water and enjoyed the hypnotic sight of swirling water. People are very attracted by water. Both children and adults rank water environments among their favorite places. Have you ever dreamed of a house nearby water? A water view can drive up real estate prices beyond the norm. We know, that like green vegetation, also water can play a direct role in our mood and cognitive restoration. Water makes us feel great!

Forest scenes and nature scenes with water promote alpha wave activity and decrease our heart rate. Combination of green and water has emerged as the most valuable environment in terms of elevating mood. Walk along waterside, a creek, river, lake, or ocean, will enlighten our thoughts. Let’s try to catch the first rays of the sunlight. Enjoy generous amounts of negative ions served with shimmers of the rising sun on the surface of water.