Grounding Exercise – Rooting

This grounding exercise guides us back into our body and to the present moment by reconnecting our body with the energies of Mother Earth. This is useful technique if we feel overwhelmed, anxious or dissociated from our environment.

Find a nature place where you feel good, save and secure. You can take a blanket with you and place yourself in a comfortable sitting position on it. You can also lean your back against a tree or even lay down. It doesn’t matter how you settle yourself, but it is important, that you feel comfortable.

Let’s start grounding and connecting with Nature

Feel your entire body relaxing. Breath slowly and deeply. Breath and relax.

You can keep your eyes open or closed, it’s all up to you. If outside thoughts pop into your mind, let them come and let them go. Let everything pass freely, receive and release. Just lay there calm with the nature.

Feel the earth under your body. Under your back, under your legs, arms and head. Lay tightly against the ground or a tree trunk. As the pieces of the puzzle fit together, so fit you with nature.

If it feels comfortable with this grounding exercise, you can slowly immerse yourself deeper and deeper to nature.







You can let yourself be one with nature as far as it feels good. Sense nature around you and let it slowly move inside you.

Imagine yourself spreading all over the landscape.

Picture your fingers and toes reaching really really far. Maybe they can even climb inside a tree trunk to peek through the branches. For a moment, live in every tree, in every rock. You have enough space to be yourself completely. You are good enough as yourself. You are valuable and lovable just as you are.

If you feel pleasant being one with nature and grounding yourself, you can continue a bit deeper. Remember, that you have all the control and you go only as far as you feel comfortable. You can feel your body getting heavier and the boundaries between you and the nature are fading.

Imagine, that you have same kind of roots like trees have. In your mind, go underground and notice, that ground beneath you is filled with roots. You can see, that everything is connected and you are part of this beautiful web of life. Wrap your roots around other roots and feel what they feel, sense what they sense. What else do you see there? Look closely and pick some amazing state of affair or detail to memorize later on.

Energy of the Mother Earth

Picture the energy of the Mother Earth like sparkling golden dust. It’s everywhere. Imagine this sparkling golden dust being absorbed into your roots and let it rise slowly up to your body. This beautiful place is becoming a part of you.

Let the energy of the nature flow into you. Vitalizing sparkling golden dust restores you, nurtures your body and mind in the best possible way. You don’t have to know how to do it, it just happens. You realize, that it gives you whatever you need right now, energy, encouragement, balance or clarity. You can handle anything that comes on your way.

Give thanks in whatever way you feel is right for you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

If you liked this rooting exercise, please share it to your friends, because Richard Louv is right: We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. Or hear. Or sense.

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Sunshine to your day!


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