Forest Bathing Spa: Peat Face Mask


Today, to help you meet your “forest bathing” needs in a unique way, I’m going to introduce you to a Face Mask of organic peat, which is one of Lehtopeat’s ranges of products. This is my favorite face mask, because it gives my skin large amount of nutrients and makes it look brighter, but also because I know this product very well. It’s like forest bathing spa at home!

Few years back I attended one of Lehtopeat’s courses to learn to perform peat treatments and all the benefits that peat has on our health. So, using this natural nutritious black soil on people’s whole body with some warm wrappings or sauna is not new to me.

Organic Peat mask

Organic Peat mask

100% Natural and Organic from the Clean Nature of Finland

All Lehtopeat’s products are 100% natural and from the clean nature of Finland. This all-natural face mask is made of peat aged closed to about 5000 years and it is rich with organic materials and natural herbs. It contains over 200 bioactive ingredients in a natural balance.

This peat face mask is made from carefully selected raw materials. The peat, which is the sole ingredients in this face mask, is transformed into paste without any additional material. Nothing is added and nothing is taken out. This naturally sourced raw material contains many skin conditioning agents, such as iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, which allow your skin to access essential nutrients. It really can be your forest bathing spa in the privacy of your own home.

Forest bathing spa

Forest bathing spa

Peat Can Penetrate the Skin

Peat mask has bioactive agents like humic and fulvic acids that make its therapeutic effects on any skin type highly effective. It’s shown, that they can penetrate the skin and nourish it very deeply. It’s the perfect forest bathing spa. Humic and vulvic acids are also effective in getting rid of toxins, that often make our skin grey and tired looking. Using peat with warm steaming or sauna, accelerates the blood circulation and activates the metabolism. Peat can also bind rheumatoid factors and improve hormone activity and cell renewal.

Face Mask is painstakingly prepared with necessary precautions, which is why it is safe to use on all skin types. There is no known allergenic effect. I really want you to take advantage of the natural therapeutic effect Lehtopeat’s organic peat face mask would have on your skin.

Peat Removes Rheumatoid Factors and Toxins

Since Face Mask is made from natural ingredient which is plant based, it has the therapeutic “forest bathing” effect not only on your skin but also on your entire body system. It replenishes your skin by penetrating through the surface of the skin. This product also has the ability to remove toxins from your body.

According to the Geological Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, peat has the natural potency to bind rheumatoid factors and toxins, thereby improving the endocrine and promoting the renewal of cells in the body. After regular uses, your skin will feel softer and brighter. If you have aches somewhere in your body, you can use peat on it with a warm plastic wrapper. Thus, if you want to enjoy healthier looking skin or pain free shoulders for instance, peat mask is one product that can come handy for you.

Best forest therapy

Best forest therapy

Peat is Studied in Geological Research Centre of Finland

Numerous studies by the Geological Research Centre of Finland have found that treatment peat is so effective because it is usually located deep down in a swamp where they could not have been contaminated by radioactive substances or any kind of harmful bacteria. The treatment peat is then taken from below the groundwater surface to produce pure natural products like this peat face mask.

Great benefits have been found also with peat baths, no matter whether they are whole body or foot baths. Finland is the leading authority in the field of peat treatments and new courses and trainings are developed as we speak. But I really don’t wonder this, because I know the power of peat on my health.

Try out the Forest Bathing Spa at Your Home

he bottom line is that Lehtopeat’s Face Mask is a natural product that supports natural wellness. It has no biological or chemical components, that can be injurious to your body system. Neither does it contain any synthetic property that may create allergic conditions for you. Face mask offers a natural solution to take care of your beauty and wellness without jeopardizing your overall health.

As you already know, it has always been my delight to provide practical natural therapy for managing different health conditions. In my subsequent posts, you will be hearing more about Lehtopeat’s peat products. Please, watch out! But in the meantime, try it out! You can buy peat masks through my blog (on the right) or through my Facebook page One pack is good for two rounds!

Sunshine to your day,


P.s. More about soil, dirt and all the goodies to do with them HERE

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