Everyday Forest Therapy: 9 Easy Practices

I dare you, spend some time in nature today! Start right away, no excuses. This beautiful day is just perfect for starting your forest therapy journey. I am so excited to share this experience with you!

Are you ready for a brain massage?

First of all, there are few rules to apply. The primary one is to practice forest therapy in the way, that feels easy and fun. Yes, you heard me right, easy and fun. There is no point in doing unpleasant stuff. If you concentrate on easy and fun, the habit is more likely to stick with you.

With forest therapy, it seems like there is a common misconception, that you should go into someplace really secluded, dazzling and rare. But that’s not the case. You don’t need to find that most beautiful place on earth. Simple, near and easy works much better. There is a whole new world waiting for you just outside your front door. For instance, many big cities are really proud of their beautiful parks. Nature can really be found everywhere!

So, don’t hesitate, just go out and find a location, that you can easily visit daily or few times a week. Take a walk to a park, sit in some garden or maybe lay down on grass at your backyard. Just make sure you feel comfortable.

Ok then, it is time to adventure. Therefore, step outside and spot an area where you can sit in peace for like 20 minutes. Spending time quietly and observing natural environment assists you into more self-aware state of mind. It helps you to perceive the big picture and set things into right perspective.

For some people the experience of sitting quietly with nature as a companion, may be deeply spiritual and others may find it like relaxing. Anyhow, the experience might touch some very emotional areas in one’s heart, because usually our most engaging nature experiences are from childhood. Running in the fields happy and free. That’s why, you need to be prepared to feel emotions and to let them come and let them go.

Forest therapy is all about opening your senses

It’s important to realize, that your view of the world is limited by your perceptions of it. That’s why, you need to use your senses. Each of our five sense affect in our brains in different way. Experience the nature with all your senses, because it activates your brain the fullest. Sensory awareness is kind of a brain massage.

When the tree breaths out, you breath in.

When you breath out, the tree breaths in.

Take in the natural scenery and it’s sounds as fully as you can. Watch, see, look, listen, hear… Take in everything there is to sense. If you hear people talking or cars honking, don’t be bothered. Let the sound come and then, let go of that sound.

Be one with nature. Breath with trees. We breath oxygen and trees make it. When the tree breaths out, you breath in. When you breath out, the tree breaths in. Keep this same breathing rhythm for couple of minutes.

You can concentrate on seeing for some time and then close your eyes and immerse yourself in sounds. Can you hear trees breathing? Yes! Breath in all the vitamin N and phytoncides you can. Breath out all the cares and sorrows of this world. Tree doesn’t mind about them. Lighten your burden with every breath. Most of all, let yourself refresh.

Can you feel the grass or maybe a wooden bench? Feel them with your whole body. The weight, the pressure. Run your fingers through the grass or along the wood. Our sense of touch develops before we are even born and our early experiences of touching effect on the personality we developed. A friendly touch can comfort and encourage us above all imagination. You can hold a stone in your hands if you like to. Can you feel it getting warmer when touched? Feel the weight of the stone. What’s inside that stone?

Next you can try to smell the stone. Is there a metallic or maybe a dusty smell? Is there some other scents floting in the air? Rain, food, trees, fresh air? Can you taste that smell? When you taste a glass of good wine, the smelling has big role in detecting the aromas. Can you smell and taste your nature experience? You may have some memories to do with tasting the nature. Maybe from childhood, like picking berries, eating wood sorrels or having a pick nick outside.

Nature provides awesome stimulation for our senses. There are so many shapes, sounds, colors…variation after variation. Therefore, all this natural activation, forest therapy, tends to steer our brain into a relaxed alpha brainwave state. Those are the same brainwaves that dominate when we are meditating.

9 Simple ways to increase your nature connection

To sum it up, try to spend some nature time every day. It can be 2 minutes breathing session with a lovely city tree or a two hour walk about in wilderness. It’s up to you, but try to schedule some nature time every day.

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On city holidays, go to visit city’s signature park. They are usually stunning!

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And on city walks, walk among the trees and touch their rough bark. As a result, you ground yourself and get a healthy electric charge. There’s no point in hugging trees if it doesn’t feel natural to you.

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Start a gardening hobby. That can be easily done in your backyard, balcony or kitchen windowsill. It’s pure forest therapy and gardening is, as a matter of a fackt, an acknowledged therapeutic method.

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Go camping or rent a cottage in the woods for a weekend. If you do this few times a year it is optimal for your NK cell activity.

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Fill your home with house plants. First of all they produce phytoncides and oxygen and destroy harmful chemicals. House plants also nurture your mind with their green habitus.

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Explore your hometown map. Pinpoint all the parks and other green spaces and dare yourself to visit as many as possible.

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If you like to measure stuff, you might consider to use a pace counter, gps or some other nice application to make your journey interesting. Remember, easy and fun!

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Last but not least, you can gather some nature elements, such as rocks, pine cones, leaves or branches to your home and seek the nature connection through them. Also pictures of forest sceneries are really powerful in stress reduction. Ok, I think we are all done here! I hope to see you soon!

Warms and loving thoughts,


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