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Hello, my name is Heidi Korhonen! It’s pleasure to meet you! First, I would love to tell you the story of the Great Tree. In many cultures, there is still a strong believe in that story. Great Tree grew out of the earth, reaching up to the heaven. It linked three worlds together; its roots penetrating deep into the heart of the earth, while its branches reached to the heaven.

The Great Tree made air suitable for people to breathe and gave the fruits ripened in the sun for people to feed. It induced lightnings by waving its strong crown, so that people would have access to fire. And whenever a nourishing rain was needed, the Great Tree gathered the clouds in the sky. It took care of its people.

I believe in that story of the Great Tree. I believe in all the trees. They don’t say much, but when they do, you ought to listen.

My favorite nature place

Letting you know about my favorite nature place, may bring into light some of the reasons, why I am on this path. My dearest nature place is in the lake at our cottage. Yes, in the lake. The best time is, when the day starts to turn into night and everything slows down or when the sun is shining the hottest.

When I am floating there, in that small round lake, it is like being in our Mother nature’s arms. There in her arms, I am very close being me; floating in the middle of the lake, ears under water listening to the silence, but hearing so much.

If it’s evening, I love to stare at the blue ceiling of our world. It bends like a dome above me. And the stars! They look amazing. If it’s a sunny day, I can’t even fully open my eyes, so I just sneak a peek and my eyes fill with sunshine. Green trees are guarding my floating and they overarch towards me in every side of the lake. How many green shades there can be!

When floating in that lake, I don’t have to think about the social roles, no one expects anything from me or pushes my sore parts to make a reaction. There is no need to be going anywhere or becoming anything. You can just be. Be, just as you are. Accepted. Fully accepted.

Body – Mind – Nature

That cottage lake has saved me one time after another. Nature gives me compassion, acceptance, peace and clarity. That way, it is easier to travel my path and to live my purpose. It’s when we find our connection with the very source of life – nature – we will feel whole again. We will feel adequate.

I love forest therapy, because it heals people as whole. It’s compassionate and comforting attention towards your entire being activates the healing potentials in you.

Humans consists of three inseparable proportions – body, mind and nature. Those cannot be segregated and you cannot tell where one starts and another ends.

I am a certified nature connection coach and I want to empower you, to achieve your healthiest and most balanced life and also introduce you to feelings of satisfaction and gratitude.
My personal goal has been to help 10.000 persons by engaging them with nature. It’s a huge one, I know! But you gotta have goals, right? I have started my journey four years ago and it continues with great enthusiasm.
To ensure the continuity of forest therapy, I donate 4% of my income to The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. They collect donations and use them to purchase and to protect natural areas. Their foundation provides the only direct route to establish sanctuaries for nature on national level here in Finland. I love the work they do!

Studies to back up my forest therapy approach

In addition to my nature connection certificate, the foundation of my forest therapy coaching consists of studies in psychology, suggestion therapy, physiology and anatomy.

I have deepened my holistic view by taking classes in relaxation therapy, NLP, thai-massage and even peat treatments. My forest therapy coaching sees human as a unity of mind, body and nature.

Although, I have a strong foundation in coaching, psychology and human health, I am not a licensed psychologist or any other healtcare professional. I emphasize, that I serve as a coach who can show you the way to connect with nature. You are the one with healing potentials with nature as your companion.

Little bit about my personal life

I am blessed with two beautiful daughters Lumi and Kukka (Snow and Flower). You are going to see them in my blog every now and then. In addition to that, you might also bumb into couple of dogs! Our family lives in Finland and English is not my native language, so please, bear with me.

My formal education is master of economic sciences and I have been working with accounting and CFO types of jobs for ten years. I have always loved nature and it has given me a chance to relieve my work stress.

My passion for forest therapy was really awaken when my first daughter was born 2010. I had this really strong urge to do something meaningful. Have you ever experienced that? It’s hard to resist, you know. For some time, I did one-on-one coaching beside my financial management career, but it made me realize, that there was no way to reach as many people as wanted to.

Forest therapy online?

This is more cost efficient for you, because you can learn to apply forest therapy by yourself. And this way I have access to far more people than in one-on-one -life. But I am here totally for you and I want to help you to find connection with the nature. I owe you my best effort!

In near future there will be few products for you to utilise in your forest therapy journey. When the matter is at hand, I will tell you all about them here at the blog and in my newsletter. So, I hope you stay tuned, follow me on instagram and join our newsletter. There is more to come!

If you have anything on your mind, please send me an email ( or message me in social media. You can ask me about forest therapy, share your nature experiences and I would be delighted to hear how was your day!

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